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A story i wrote. November 4, 2007

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rachel shifted, unsticking her bare legs from the car seat. She continued  to gaze out the window at the road beneath them, silently counting the white dashes. Swhen her head started to ache, she stopped and instead watched a lone fly try to escape. She had daydreamed about this summer. Had waited a whole year. And now they were on thier way. She knew it was unlikely to live up to her expectations but it no longer matterer. So long as he was there.

At the entrance to the camping ground, they pulled up, and her mother went to register. Each year, they camped in the same spot, next to the same people. Rachel liked it that way, but sometimes wondered why they never changed. Didn’t her parents get board?

As they got closer, she strained her neck. There it was. His red tent was already up; its brightness contrasting with the brown paddocks behind. As she opened the car door, she forced herself not to look for him. She unzipped the trailer and pulled out her tent bag, slinging it over her shoulder.

He was sitting under the canvas awning, a magazine on his lap. He glanced at her and she waved. He raised his hand. She wondered if he had been daydreaming about this too.

She put the tent bag on the ground and began unpacking. Her tenet was the closest to the river, and when she woke up in the morning and opened the flap, she imagined she was the only one there. No other campers obsructed her view – only the bike bells and crying babies destroyed her fantasy.

Her father helped her put up her tent, then she began chopping carrots for a salad. She glanced at his tent but he’d dissapeared. Perhaps inside or maybee he was at the willow tree waiting for her.

It had happened so quickly last year. They’d hardly spoken before, but he knew all the right things to say, and his blue eyes reflected the sky above. They’d had to weeks of secret meetings and hurried kisses by the water. But they’d been moments that seemed sharp now in her mind as if the rest of her life had been a dream. His hand at the back of her neck holding her closely.

Her mother chatted while she opened up the stiped fold-up chairs, a routine that had existed forever. Rachel nodded agreement, her eyes drifting up the river. She’d have to go tomorow, there was no way she could escape now.

And then she saw him, emerging from his tent in board shorts. She smiled to herself. But a girl followed close behind him. Blue bikini. And they were laughing. He was holding her hand, helping her out of the tent. Her blonde hair got caught in the zip and he untangled it.

Perhaps she was only a relative. But, no he was kissing her. More laughter as they tried to stand up. Rachel looked down at the carrots. She wasn’t dissapointed. Not really. But she watched as the girl jumped on his back and tackled him to the ground. It had been nothing. She hadn’t really liked him. Hadn’t even known him and she’d forgotten it really. It was only a vague memory, his soft lips against hers.

The girl ran down to the river. So close Rachel could have tripped her. He followed her, wading out, daring her to come after him.

Rachel put the carrot in the bowl, and began tearing off leaves of lettuce. She tried to keep her eyes of him, his broad ches, the way he threw his head back when he laughed. He hadn’t laughed that much with her. The sun was poised on the horizon; the sky scarlet. They were surrounded by light. A bubble of perfection.

Rachel grimaced. Her mother asked if she was alright. She said she was. But inside she felt as if her heart was dying.


reflections on english last term….. April 18, 2007

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the best work i did in englisha last term would have had to be the fox assignment, because otherwise i dont think i actualy completed or tried to complete anything else.ummm, there wasnt really anything interesting that i can remember..the assingments we did in english i cant really remember, and i dont think i did most of them anyway,..the book i most enjoyed readin last term was headhunter by michael sade, because it was an interesting pshycological thriller, with a chilling story line..i cant actually say  i payed attention and learned anything last term, i found that i learned most when i payed attention and wastn siting near tegan, and i could have learned more if i payed attention to the teacher and the work.. well im  ot too sure what enviroment i work well in most because i dont really work well at all…i think that i need to work on my bahavior, my attention , not skipping classes and not fighting, and 1 last thing… i can make sure im working to the best of my aility by paying attention mainly and also not talkin in class….


the actual review April 15, 2007

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1. Title – choose one that is catchy. A title can indicate if review will be positive or negative and you can try playing with words to make it funny or different

2. Paragraph 1 – Opening paragraph – can start to summarise film and give early suggestions about your general view of it (positive/negative)

3. Paragraph 2 – Start or continue summary of film, don’t give details about the ending or else no one will go and see the film!!

4. Paragraph 3 – positive things you thought about the film, what did you like? Why? Use descriptive words, think about the story, setting, effects used, music used

5. Paragraph 4 – negative things you thought about the film, what didn’t you like? Why? Comment on the same type of things that you mentioned in paragraphs 3 and 4

6. Paragraph 5 – Characterization – talk about the characters, did you like them? Did the actors play them well? What was it about their portrayal that you liked or didn’t like? Other impressions of the characters, will certain audience members be able to relate to certain characters? How? Will certain audience members not like certain characters? Why not?

7. Paragraph 6 – Final comments – general comments that summarize your view of the film, you may want to say something inspiring to get the reader to want to go out and see the film or you might say something that would want them not to go and see it! After the paragraph you would give it a star rating out of 5 to indicate your rating for it.

ok you see this stuff ^^^^ well these are the giudelines that i am writing my review on, so hope u like whatever i come up with.


the film i am reviewing is doctor who an the runaway bride, the story starts out with a wedding, not know whos it is the film maker decides to create a quirky dissapearing act, where the bride is whisked away and ends up in a strange and wonderfully intruiging place, which she has no clue that it is the spaceship of the doctor. next the audience discovers the name of the mysterious vanishing bride, Donna, the next thing you know she is seeing the outside of a… telephone booth!?!? the spaceship that her and the doctor were flying in is called the TARDIS. after securely landing back on earth, the doctor and donna set out to find a way back to the wedding, but after a run in with some mechanical things they find it difficult to return, as goes on there becomes a chase, the tardis and the taxi, and then all becomes well, until they arrive and meet donna’s family, then the robots attack again and then lance(donnas fiance) and the doc and donna decide to try and stop the fiends… but that ends up in a muddle as well…….

the good things about the movie is that it is enterating and educational in certain ways, aswell as the effects and storyline keeps the audience guessing about what is going to happen next.

there wasnt any negative things that really stuck themselves out for all to see but there are opinionated people who would pick details.

the characters were chosen well, and the actors suited thier characters,

the overall sumariseation of this movie reveals that this film is worthwhile whatching and will be enjoyed by many different varietys of people an children, if you are looking for a good sciencefiction movie or just a bit of a adventure look no further than this movie…      3 and a half stars!!***


The story…

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it is monday morning, the first day of school after the holidays to be exact, and i was dreading going back to school, i mean what were the other kids gonna think of me, they probably wont believe me, but i think i can see and change the future!!?

it all started the other week, i was down at geelong, and i went swimming after jumping out of one of those water planes, and i think i landed in a whole patch of jellyfish, because all i remember was a stinging sensation, and then the next think i knew i was in the hospital, with the smell of flowers everywhere, yukk!!

later on that day, i saw that i was going to be visited by my boyfriend, and he was going to have chocolates and more flowers, but i thought i was just imagining things so i ignored it, but a few hours past and then he showed up, exactly the way i had envisaged, and that was a bit freaky, but i thought nothing of it, the next morning was the last day of the second week of holidays, and i was sure there was something that i had forgotten to do for homework, and then i had another of those visions, but this time it showed a date of the event, it was the end of term report, and it said i had failed english, and underneath it read, aisha has not completed her work on the heroes story, the doctor who and the runaway bride and has also not finished her calvin hobbs work,and for this she will fail english! i decided i was going to pay attention to this because i didnt want to fail english!!

so i read through all my assignments and bits of work that were due and what did i find….. that all the work in the vision was due! that was the lucky bit though, so i slaved over this story and the work that neede to be completed.

so that how i remeber getting this weird power or that what i think it is, wish me luck for the firts day back at school :S


the other bit of dotor who and the runaway bride.

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• What are you reviewing? What is it about? What’s the plot?

i am reviewing a story/movie that we watched in english.

the movie is about an array of normal or ordinary object being used in different or extraordinary ways,and also about a special man who calls himself tha doctor.

• What is the director’s purpose? Is it to entertain or to educate?

the directors purpose is to both entertain and educate, on the entertaining side of things it shows what things would look like if things had a twist or magical power to them, and in the sense of education, it shows how the magic of special effects and what film mkaers can do.

• What genre does it fit?

it depens on what you as an individual think, as for me im not sure.

• What is the tone? (Is it funny or scary?)

ummm… im not too sure. :s im some parts it is intended to be scary an mysterious and in others it is intended to be involved with comedy.

When and Where questions

• When was it made? Or when does the action take place?

 ‘The Runaway Bride’ is one of the episodes in the new season of ’Doctor Who’, a modern day remake of the original long running British science fiction television programme. Unlike the old episodes, which were produced in the 1960’s, the new episodes bring the science fiction genre to current  day atmosphere  and characters, giving it a more believable setting and  interesting touch.

• Where was this done? Or where does the action take place?

this particular episode was based on/in the temms in london, england.

Who questions

• Who wrote it, directed it, or acted in it? What else have they done?

Russell T Davies wrote the dotor who episodes, Euros Lyn  dirested this particular episode, and im not quite sure about the others and to be quite honest i dont know of anything else either of them have done,, lol!

• Who are the main characters?

 the main characters are a lady named donna and a mysterious man who calls himself the doctor.

• Who’s the intended audience?

the intended audience is a group of people who would find amazment or amusement in the theory of extraordinary things happening, it may also be intended for people who like a good science fiction movie/story.

• Who has said what about this? Why?

i havent heard anyone say anything about this particular topic, but i am sure that there are many different opinions on the groups of people or intended audience for this particular series or episodes.

How questions

• How does it convey its tone? Is it successful in making the audience feel a certain way?

the episode conveys its tone by making the viewers intruiged by what will happen next, and most of the time it is successful in making the audience feel a certain way that relates to the particular scene in the episode or just the all round episode itself.

• How well does it fulfill its purpose?

it is hard to tell whether or not it fulfilled its purpose because different people have different opinions on what the purpose is or should be.

Evaluation questions

• Did I like this in general? Why?

in general i liked it because it had an interesting and intruiging feel to the movie.

• What specifically did I like/dislike? Why?

there isnt anything specific that i liked, and there wasnt anything that i didnt really like, all over it was a good film.

• Did the writer/actors/director do a good job? Why or why not?

the writers and actors did an exelent job in creating the effects and little stunts that were needed for this epp.

• How could it be improved? Why would particular changes help?

umm…. the movie could have been improve within the range of charcters apearing in the epp, and the costumes needed a bit ov work, lol!



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based on the TV show ‘Heroes’ imagine you have developed one unusual power.

1) What is the power?

my power is being able to see the future and chose which parts i want to   become reality.

2) Why do you want the power?

i want the power because if i wanted to see the results of tests or survey i would be able to change them nd actually cheat, without technically cheating.

3) What are some positive and negative points of having this power?

some negative points about having this power is that when it may come to prezzies nd gifts, when u dont want to know what they are, you would end up knowin :s


Doctor Who And The Runaway Bride Review. March 21, 2007

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question 1.

what are some ordinary obejecta or events that are used in extraordinary ways in the runaway bride??

some of the ordinary object used in the particular episode of doctor who are a telephone booth, the tems in london, the christmas decorations at the wedding reception and the brass instruments used as weaponay machines.

question 2.

why do you think the show uses ordinary objects and everyday things in a strange and surprising way? what effect do you think it has on the viewer or reader to see everyday objects used in such a way? is it funny?scary? or exiting?

i think the show uses ordinary objects and ordinary places and changes them for extraordinary uses for an effect interesting twis and to make things seem more mysterious, the effect the the doctor who series has on the readers or viewers is entirely up to the reader or viewer, and the oppinions of the film or book are dependant on te type of films or books you like.

question 3.

do you think the scene on the freeway where the tardis is chasin the taxi would have been more or less effective if the tardis was a typical looking spaceship? why do you think this?

the scene on the freeway would have been less effective if the tardis was a typical loking spaceship because it wouldnt really fit the quirkyness of the doctor who episodes and the theme of ordinayinto extraordinary.